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    Our program is safe, fun, and action packed. It is designed specifically for the physical, mental, and emotional developmental needs of children ages 4-6 who are of school-age. Through our program children have the opportunity to: 

    • Gain confidence to encounter new situations (like school).
    • Develop the ability to Focus and to transition from one activity to another
    • Learn how to demonstrate self control
    • Develop persistence through encouragement to keep trying 
    • Develop necessary social skills to make and maintain friendships
    • Increase physical strength and endurance
    • Develop balance, so important to participating in activities in school
    • Increase Dexterity through practice requiring gross and fine motor skills 
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    Your child will learn LIFE SKILLS through the fundamentals of the martial arts: forms, stances, kicks, blocks and hand techniques. Martial Arts at the Lake uses the structured curriculum which is aligned with important developmental milestones associated with the Tigers’ age group.

    Instruction about and opportunity to practice nine important character traits are woven throughout our curriculum. Practicing these traits helps children to be successful no matter what they do or where they go:

    1. Loyalty
    2. Honor
    3. Integrity
    4. Respect
    5. Courtesy
    6. Perseverance
    7. Attitude
    8. Goals
    9. Self-Control

    Give your child the opportunity to grow and learn the Martial Arts  way.

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  • Martial Arts For Kids

    Martial Arts at the Lake’s program is much more than learning how to block, hit, and kick. We weave important life skills and attributes for modern living throughout all of our classes. Your children will receive instruction in physical training, mental discipline, and emotional control.

    At Martial Arts of the Lake (LMA) no one sits on the bench watching…

    Everyone gets to be involved in every class.   Our classes will help your child(ren) increase:

    • Focus,
    • Self-control,
    • Confidence,
    • Respect,
    • Positive Attitude, and
    • Physical Coordination.

    Martial Arts at the Lake focuses on the importance of developing life skills and character for success and teaches important attributes such as courtesy, humility, justice, and friendship. These and other attributes are woven throughout our system, pattern, and philosophy.

    While we strive to maintain important traditional expectations, we are also open to innovative and creative ideas. Our students have the opportunity to join: 

    • Demonstration teams;
    • Take special weapons and training seminars;
    • Leadership training,
    • Specialty weapons sparring; and
    • Other opportunities.

    Martial Arts at the Lake uses a system that is honed to help students attain success no matter their entry level skills, physical or mental difficulties. Martial arts training is for all ages and stages (in shape, out of shape, overweight, or whatever is holding you back from starting). Plus we are family friendly! You can take classes with your kids or with other adults, the choice is yours. 

    If you want your child(ren) to…

    • Challenge themselves
    • Discover that they can do more than they thought they could
    • Develop an inner strength that keeps them calm no matter the situation
    • Experience awesome workouts
    • Feel better about themselves and their abilities

    …then Martial Arts at the Lake has a program for them

    Sign your child(ren) up today to increase their confidence, physical fitness, and sense of well-being. Your child will get fit, stay fit and feel better.

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