Adult Classes

Classes for Seniors and Those Recovering from Injuries

  • Physical Benefits
    • Better eye-hand coordination: increase speed and accuracy
    • Endurance and physical fitness: get fit, stay fit
    • Relieve stress: unwind in class and feel refreshed

    Martial arts training reduces the impact of stress and will help you develop skills that will increase your resilience to stressful situations. Training with Martial Arts at the Lake is a great way to improve your health and flexibility regardless of your age or present level of physical fitness.

    Break the routine and give martial arts a try and do something you always wanted to do. You’ll feel great, have fun, and get in shape. 

  • Mental Benifits
    • Mental focus: learn to overcome distractions
    • Self-confidence: feel comfortable in public and social situations
    • Self-discipline: gain more control of self
    • Respect: learn to respect yourself and have compassion for others
    • Self esteem: feel good about yourself     

    Through consistent martial arts training you will increase your confidence and develop a greater sense of well-being.

    Think you are too big, too old, too short, or too out of shape? Think again. Try Martial Arts at the Lake and see the difference martial arts training can make for you. 

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  • It's Never Too Late: We Have a Class Just for Seniors!

    Martial Arts has Many Benefits for Seniors

    • Cardiorespiratory Fitness
    • Strengthened Immune Capacity
    • Sharpened Mental Focus
    • Boost in Confidence
    • Increased Flexibility
    • Better Overall Balance
    • Increased Oxygen Flow
    • Improved Body Control
    • Increased Strength
    • Improved Endurance

    Our Seniors Class is geared towards the needs of seniors. We begin with a gentle yoga class (for our students only) and then move into traditional Taekwondo, practical self defense, physical training, and nutrition.

    Seniors all over the world practice martial arts. Don’t let whatever reason you had for not trying martial arts earlier keep you from trying it today!

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